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Jikonijoe Canada

Jikonijoe is now available in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Please contact our Canada Distributor Moses at 1(587) 834-6873 or email at JikoniJoeCanada@Gmail.com

Jikonijoe in Texas

Jikonijoe is now available in Houston Texas at Mama Mata Store, located at 13655 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77083. Call Mama Mata at (713) 922-7514.

Jikonijoe In Pennsylvania.

Jikonijoe Products are now avilable in Pennsyvania. Contact our PA Distributor Kevin at 1(610) 969-5177 or visit their website at www.Homeland254Logistics.com

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Mukombero (or White's ginger, Mondia whitei, in the family Apocynaceae) is a perennial, woody, rather vigorous climber with aromatic roots.

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