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Did you know that Black Pudding is really a blood sausage?

JikoniJoe chefs have recreated this English and Irish delicacy. We have perfected the delicate balance and would like to introduce to you the JikoniJoe Black Pudding. We also honor the fact that not all of us take to puddings and it is an acquired taste, so we also have the ‘bloodless’ pudding or ‘White Pudding’ variation.

Why Black Pudding?

JikoniJoe Black pudding is one of the great British and Irish breakfast traditions. Sourced with the finest ingredients, i.e barley, oat meal,  spices, our pudding has a distinct mouthfeel which you'll either enjoy or  consider for another time.

Preparation is easy:  Simply peel off the outer protective plastic covering and slice or tranche to the desired thickness of each disc.

You could either pan fry or grill, broil under a salamander or saute with Irish butter and serve with JikoniJoe Premium Pork or Beef sausages, fried eggs, JikoniJoe Bacon Rashers, tomatoes and a brisk cup of tea.  

Our JikoniJoe Chefs take great pride in the work of their hands and craft this delicacy at a constant chub weighing approximately 10oz each.

We hope you'll enjoy our pudding.

Black pudding is a Blood Sausage

No English Breakfast is complete without Black Pudding. As the name suggests, JikoniJoe Black Pudding is made just like any other sausage except that we make it with an extra ingredient-Blood, which, in combination with the oatmeal, will act as a both a binding and thickening agent which gives us that creamy, yet solid mouthfeel.

It is something you’ll either immediately like or say, hey, thanks but that’s not for me.

What is JikoniJoe White Pudding?

Our White pudding is largely similar to our black pudding, with the only noticeable difference being that it does not include blood. Our recipe consists of beef or pork suet* or fat, oatmeal or barley, breadcrumbs and in some cases pork and pork liver, filled into a natural or cellulose/collagen sausage casing.

Questions you may have:

Is raw black pudding bad for you?

Q: Can you eat a black pudding without cooking it first?

A: Yes, all our black and white puddings are cooked before being packaged and are safe to be eaten cold, straight from the pack, if you choose

 What is Suet?

A: Oh, that’s that hard white fat on the kidneys and loins of cattle, sheep, and other animals, used to make foods including puddings, pastry, and mincemeat.

From the Chefs:

We take pride in our work and only use the finest ingredients. If a part of our ingredients is unavailable, we do not substitute for lower quality-we simply do not make the product on that scheduled day until we receive all the proper ingredients.

Our motto is that you cannot start off with a B or C grade product and expect to produce an ‘A’ product. Only the best here at Jikoni Kitchens as our customers have grown to expect the best!

Would you like to read more about the History of Black Pudding?  Click Here (