Who We Are....

The legacy brand-Jikoni JoeWe are Jikoni Joe

“Dedicated to making the finest quality premium sausages, the Jikoni Joe Sausage company is a in essence the traditional butcher serving highest quality meats with a contemporary twist-we are online.” Jikoni Joe

 Our new online shop has been developed to help meet the demands of our customers as our shop becomes increasingly busy.


We supply a wide variety of quality Jikoni Joe rashers, sausages and other superb high quality premium foods.

Our online butcher shop supplies Jikoni Joe manufactured Pork, Beef, Chicken and Lamb sausages freshly frozen at the factory upon manufacture and shipped to your door.   


 Jikoni Joe Sausages are a mouth-watering guarantee from our expert chefs and butchers.


 Did you know...?
  • We also have bacon rashers and natural casing sausages coming soon?
  • The Jikoni Joe product range is available in Canada.